Rotifers, Rotifers and more Rotifers

This one is a little tangential diversion from the completely serious scheme of things that the other posts on this blog appear to fit into, and this one basically concerns Rotifers.

They’re actually microscopic animals, and that is not animal in the colloquial sense but in the Taxonomic sense, that is, they are placed under Kingdom Metazoa in the five kingdom classification, they are multicellular and have some really cool tricks up their sleeve.

I found some growing in a culture of infusoria I set up with aquarium water and a rotting banana peel in an olive jar, and since I have a little micrography setup running at home/lab I was able to get some decent shots…

Here they are…

Two Bdelloid rotifers

This one shows two bdelloid rotifers, you can actually see the cilia that are a defining morphological feature.

Three Bdelloid Rotifers Releasing Eggs

This one shows three bdelloid rotifers releasing eggs.

Sessiloid Rotifer

This one is a micrograph of a sessiloid rotifer.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a thousand words x the number of pictures contained therein, besides, multimedia is more effective at communicating things, I suppose, so I guess you could watch the following clip to learn more…

I hope this encourages you to seriously contemplate growing microscopic critters for observation and then actually observing and documenting them.

The microbial world is small and usually goes unnoticed, but there is literally more than meets the eye.


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