One of us has just completed another orbit of the Earth round the Sun…

Here is one more general article that is very different in focus from the general trend of articles on the blog; the reason is this, it is Julietooo’s (who is one of the authors on the blog) birthday and I (on behalf of myself and the other authors on the blog) would like to express my thanks to her for her contributions to the blog, all of which have been lucid exhibitions of skeptical analysis pertaining to very relevant social issues and also wish her a happy birthday while doing so.

Her articles have been read more than the articles of any other author, and they have achieved highlights such as being featured on a BBC Buzz page and being linked to blog posts by PZ Myers on Pharyngula, as well as being tweeted to his followers by James Randi, which I think is impressive list for articles on a blog that is still very much in its infancy.

Have a good ‘un, Juliet.


PS – Please keep those articles coming in the future too, that’ll be ideal 😛

PPS – Now I’ve done this orbit round the sun thing too, you may now thank me now for the information in my posts, or alternatively, for curing your insomnia/sleeping difficulties.

– Exploreable.


One response to “One of us has just completed another orbit of the Earth round the Sun…

  1. Respect to website author , some wonderful information . “When you cease to dream you cease to live.” by Malcolm Stevenson Forbes.

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