In which my appreciation of science art continues.

Just another quick one today. I would like to introduce y’all to some rather brilliant scientific artwork by a friend.
Lucy Walsh is an artist who specializes in painting pictures of galaxies and nebulae and I think they look quite gorgeous. Her work is usually acrylic on canvas and has a crisp and vivid feel to it.

Some samples of her work follow…

An abstract piece called “Fusion”

V838 Monocerotis Eruptive Star.


Pluto and its 3 moons.

Pluto and its 3 moons

Flame Nebula

Flame nebula.

Arp 24
Two Galaxies

If you like her work, please do check out her official page on DeviantArt Gallery at
or her official facebook page at

Quite a few of these pieces have prints available from DeviantArt, too.

That is all from me this time round.



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