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Will Indian Society finally wake up? – Part Deux.

Warning – reader discretion is advised. Some people might find what is written unpalatable.

Hello there,

A few weeks ago it was an alarming trend towards increasing sex-selective abortions in India, even in sections of the society that were well to do and were educated, that shook me up, and now, in a bizarre turn of events, sex-selective abortion has ended up looking almost palatable in comparison to what has transpired in Indore.

If news reports are to be believed, and from what I know India’s National Committee for the Protection of Child Rights has been taking these reports seriously, the fetish for male children has been taken to a whole new extent in the conservative city of Indore.

Parents have been resorting to changing the gender of their daughters through gender reassignment surgery, also called genitoplasty. Now this is unethical right from the start, reason being that there is tangible harm done to the child, which violates the Hippocratic oath which doctors swear to uphold, but that is only the beginning. There is a very good reason that we don’t allow people to marry children, or give children the right to make their own decisions, or give them the right to vote, or the right to use alcohol, that being that they are incapable of giving informed consent till then; Note the word ‘informed’.

So if there is a medical procedure that is being carried out on people who cannot consent to it and is definitely of no medical benefit, why is it even being allowed in the first place? The only reason I can suspect is that nobody had thought that things could get this weird, now that things have gotten this weird, I suppose it would be great if the legislative bodies in the country acted swiftly to curb the practise; My only fear is that it may send this practise underground, and make it much more difficult to root out.

Right, so what are some of the obvious harms of bringing up a female child as a male child? While I cannot find direct examples of this happening there happens to be one exceptional case in which a male child was brought up as a female child.

David Reimer had a botched circumcision that led to his penis being damaged, his parents had his gender changed (after his testes were removed and what was left of his penis was removed and a hole in his abdomen was constructed to enable urination )under the influence of a controversial psychologist called John Money, who wanted to show that gender identities can be completely learned (i.e, it is purely an externally learned behavioural construct) and brought him up as a girl named Brenda. While John Money was out in the press spouting crap about how the gender reassignment had been “successful” , David Reimer had been undergoing psychological trauma and bouts of severe depression, being unable to adopt a female gender identity, despite being treated with female hormones and having an external female identity imposed.

He then, after bouts of suicidal depression, decided to revert to a male identity at the age of fourteen, and in the years to come he had everything they had done to him to change his gender reassigned. He published a story of his experiences to dissuade other doctors from ever deciding in favour of such a “therapeutic” strategy.

All the years of trauma had taken their toll, though, and with a marriage that began to dissolve he was pushed over the edge and committed suicide.

You can find an account of this case, which was featured on the BBC, here , the BBC documentary described in that page is here.

So, to sum up, that one tragic case should be a warning that should be heeded by parents who are resorting to this kind of absurd practise in Indore, never mind the fact that there is no way doctors should be carrying this procedure out, and never mind the fact that the law needs to be amended to make this illegal since the practise is grossly unethical.

The news report that reported the practise is here and a report of the IPCR deciding to get involved in an investigative capacity is here

I cannot be angry enough with the blinkered muppets who think putting their children through the trauma of gender reassignment without their consent is acceptable, all for the purposes of fulfilling their fetish for a son, if they are so fond of a penis I suggest that they get cadaver dicks grafted onto their heads, it would serve as a mark of identity. Moreover, do these geniuses (yes, that is sarcasm) not realize that females reassigned as males will not be fertile, that they will not produce sperm?

So, what can you do? Speak out, make a stand, oppose misogyny. Remember that having a set of balls or lacking it by birth does not have an impact on how successful, bright, beautiful or wonderful someone might be, also remember that when proponents of such practises see you take notice of the practise but do not speak out, they may see it as tacit endorsement.

I will not shut up, and I don’t think you should either.

– Exploreable.